Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Kits Available


ONLY $15 Each!


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Boom Bap Kits 
We have 5 flavors of different and essential boom bap kicks and snares that will cut right through your mix for some heavy hip hop!

Vinyl Drums
Crisp and dirty drums with some of that lovely vinyl noise to give your tracks that extra warmth and old school sound!

Get all 9 kits and you save $56! 
Get them while they're hot!! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

MPC 2000XL and ASR-10 Drum Kits

Kit Options
You will receive a download link to your kit within 24 hours in the email you provide when you pay!

These drums are completely unique, and not grabbed from other kits. They are hand-picked and individually processed through different techniques in the MPC 2000XL, ASR-10 and Akai S900.

The MPC 2000XL drums are processed with the S900 which is 12-bits, adding that crunch and fatness!

The ASR-10 has over 50 effects including distortion, reverb, delay, EQs, amp effects, compression, etc.

ASR-10 is used by:
Kanye West
The Neptunes
DJ Toomp

MPC 2000XL is used by:
Kanye West
Pete Rock
Marco Polo
DJ Shadow

Kit Options
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